What do you need to know about Google Pixel 6?

Google Pixel 6 smartphone runs on the android v11 operating system. The phone has only been shipping since last October, but the world of smartphones goes quickly. And features regarding the Google pixel 6 are already coming into focus. The annual pixel launch has grown somewhat of a highlight for android lookouts ever considering Google launched the line back in 2016. Like them or dislike them, they are eternally any of the best android phones, and it is nice to see what Google is doing on the hardware front. The Google Pixel 6 sought to put the polarizing pixel 4 series behind it and deliver a well-rounded and affordable flagship phone. Here are amazing things that you need to know about Google Pixel 6:

What do you need to know about Google Pixel 6?

Better main camera sensor

Since the pixel 3 series, Google has been using the same 12.2 MP IMX363 camera sensor for its main camera. It is the basic foundation for its image processing smarts. Pixel 5 shows that Google has essentially wrung all it can get out of this sensor as its rivals streak ahead with more modern hardware and catch you in the software field. The hardware developments since pixel 3 have focused on secondary cameras, with Google opting to have the corresponding primary sensor while testing various secondary camera styles. The Pixel 3 had ultra-wide secondary front-facing cameras. Google's pixels are on the cusp of attracting a Lumia and stumbling behind.

Better display

The Pixel 6 could seem considerably distinctive related to its predecessors. Display refresh prices have been a primary focus for smartphone screens as fresh, and google builds remain part of that trend with the pixel 6. Google scored a quicker refresh rate to its flagship phones with the pixel 4 in 2019. The speed of pixel 6 has been increased from its current 90hz to 120hz.

Processing power

One of the foremost differentiation between older pixel flagships and pixel 6 was the option to use a mid-range chipset instead of a top-end one. That is a fair decision in theory, and not everyone needs maximum processing power, and most people can make do with middling power. Google Pixel 6 has increased its phones' performance, whether that is by using chipsets or by using mid-range processors with better optimizations.

Google Pixel 6 release date and price

The expected date of google pixel 6 has come out towards the end of 2021. It is a bit harder to guess the price of the google pixel 6. While pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were also added contributions. The pixel 5 is a mid-range phone, and you don't recognize if google will stab in that cost range or turn to the top end.


Final thoughts

The information mentioned above of Google pixel 6 can be very useful to buy it. A pixel 6 should offer top-tier upgrades like a bigger battery and HD screen. It also has other additions like extra cameras, more ram/storage, faster charging, and more powerful processing power.

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