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 YouTube new policy 2021

new YouTube Guidelines

As we all are familiar with the new IT Rules to be implemented by the Indian Government, which includes all the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These Rules will be discussing the monitoring of the social media content and the content creator as well. We will discuss in detail these Rules below. First Let discuss the YouTube New Policy 2022 and what it tells us about the 2022 YouTube content creator will follow as per the new Policy.

As per the new Policy the YouTube content creator which creates content on News or current Affairs, are required to furnish the details of their accounts on YouTube to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. So by this, they mean that content creators like Dhruv Rathee, Akash Banerjee, Prashant Dhawan, Study IQ, Khan sir, etc. all need to submit the details of their account to the Ministry so that they all come under the government radar. You can read these updates and remember that the Terms and Google's Privacy Policy apply to your use of YouTube.

What is Rule 5 of the Indian Information Technology Rules 2021

So the above new guidelines comes under this Rule 5 of Intermediary Guidelines nd Digital Media Ethic of Indian Information Technology 2021. Please read below:

Additional due diligence to be observed by an intermediary in relation to news and current affairs content.In addition to adherence to rules 3 and 4, as may be applicable, an intermediary shall publish, on an appropriate place on its website, mobile based application or both, as the case may be, a clear and concise statement informing publishers of news and current affairs content that in addition to the common terms of service for all users, such publishers shall furnish the details of their user accounts on the services of such intermediary to the Ministry as may be required under rule 18: 

            Provided that an intermediary may provide such publishers who have provided information under rule 18 with a demonstrable and visible mark of verification as being publishers, which shall be visible to all users of the service. 

            Explanation.—This rule relates only to news and current affairs content and shall be administered by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

So what are your views on this above rule to be implement on YouTube from 5' January 2022. If you are an content creator please comment below.

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